Joanna Zielinska

A fashion photographer based in Paris France, Joanna comes from an artistic family, she was born in Poland but grew up on Hollywood movie sets, her father Jerzy Zielinski, a Director of Photography often took her to work with him, thats where she picked up the love for images. After high school Joanna wanted to study Psychology at California State University Northridge, but quickly realised that photography was her one true love. She graduated fromthe prestigious Pasadena Art Center College of Design in 2007 with a Photography and Imaging Degree. Fascinated by fashion she moved to Paris to live her dream. Joanna is fluent in polish, english and french. She loves to travel and draws inspiration from new experiences. Having won multiple awards in contests ( px3),  Joanna is looking to develope her fashion photography as well as explore the world of fine art.

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